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Can you imagine going through something like this? The average woman spends her entire life dreaming of her wedding day. At no point would any woman expect to break a bone in the midst of the ceremony.

However, this is something that this bride was forced to deal with but her reaction to this unexpected problem was too funny. She was not about to let this ruin her big day!

Photo: TikTok/@cocktailsanddogtails

Weddings do not always unfold in the manner that we plan them, that is for sure. To find out more, you will have to head to TikTok, where @cocktailsanddogtails is telling their hilarious story. This was no minor blunder that she experienced. The bride managed to break her foot and as a result, she had to pay a visit to the hospital.

“Nothing like breaking your foot at your wedding,” the video’s text overlay reads.

Photo: TikTok/@cocktailsanddogtails

Apparently, she was being lifted up on a chair and it was “slippery” resulting in the injury.

You have to hand it to her, she managed to handle this setback like a true pro. However, she was horizontal in most of the photos. This had to put a severe damper on their day but she and the groom made the best of it. That’s all you can do when you find yourself in these types of situations.

Photo: TikTok/@cocktailsanddogtails

There’s not much else that we can do, outside of pouting and crying. The bride that you are about to meet was more than happy to slap a smile on her face and keep the good vibes going.

There’s a lesson in there for the rest of us. Luckily, she managed to pick the right time of the wedding to break her foot (if such a thing even exists).

Photo: TikTok/@cocktailsanddogtails

“There was only an hour left of the wedding when it happened (honestly good timing!) so I couldn’t go back but we hosted an after party at our Airbnb!” she said.

Check out the videos below:


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Of course, viewers appreciated the positive mentality that was on display.

“Oh no! Have to say your positive attitude in these videos is wonderful,” said one viewer and we agree 100%.

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