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A full pile of LEGO is a pile of possibilities. It’s also a little overwhelming if you haven’t the first clue as to where to start building something.

It can be easy to continuously put off making something because you have so many pieces of LEGO that you don’t know where to start. But, now there could be something to help you sort through your LEGOs, and it only requires the use of your phone.

Photo: flickr/EgnaroorangE

Using AI technology, an app called Brickit can help you sort through your LEGO collection in order to give your customizable suggestions as to what you can create. Pretty cool, right?

The use of Brickit is pretty simple as well. You just point your smartphone at your pile of LEGOs and the app does the rest. It will sort through the photo, recognizing all the different blocks and then giving you suggestions of what to make.

Photo: Pixabay

The app has a large number of options as well, it isn’t only limited to simple creations such as homes or transport. It has a wide variety of creative ways to use your LEGO. It can help you build such items as dogs, typewriters, cameras, boomboxes, and tiny synthesizers.

Perhaps one of the cool things that the app allows is for you to be able to customize your designs. You can select what colors or bricks you’d want to use, and the app gives you loads of ideas. Once you’ve created your LEGO masterpiece, the app even lets you share pictures of it with your friends.

Photo: flickr/Daniel Go

The Brickit app is currently available for iOS, and you can download it through the Apple App Store. However, if you’re an Android user you need to wait a little bit as the Android version is scheduled to come out in the fall of 2021.

What do you think of the app? Will you be using the app to create some cool LEGO creations? Let us know!

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