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We love to see stories like these, as parents do everything in their power to provide their children with a great life.

The world is a big place that is full of possibilities when we are little. We have the rest of our lives to realize that life is not nearly as fun as it is when we are small. That’s why we love to see parents doing all they can do to keep things fun and light.

Photo: Pexels/Madison Santangelo

This is especially true for special needs children. They deserve all of the love and light that they can possibly get. The child that you are about to meet was recently given the chance to head to Disney World and it is safe to say that he made the most of it.

Like most children, Asher has a favorite Disney character. After all, what child doesn’t have a Disney character that they are particularly attached to?

Photo: YouTube/6abc Philadelphia

The only difference for Asher is that he has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and nonverbal apraxia. He still lives a great life and has all of the fun that you would expect for a child his age.

Disney World provides no shortage of opportunities to have a good time, that is for sure. It was not long before Asher got the chance to finally meet up with his favorite Disney character of all time. The moment was shared by 6ABC Philadelphia.

Photo: YouTube/6abc Philadelphia

Consider this your fair warning. Grab some tissues before you press play and save yourself time. Of course, readers are going to want to know which character the little boy loves so much.

As it turns out, he is quite the Donald Duck fan. If you would like to see this touching interaction between the two, please be sure to check out the following video: