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Any parents out there who have more than one child are sure to relate to this one. You simply never know how a child will react to the arrival of a younger sibling.

Sometimes, kids are over the moon. Sometimes, they are very jealous. The child in this video definitely falls into the former category, not the latter. Wait until you see this touching interaction for yourself!

Photo: YouTube/Storyful Viral

The little boy was given the chance to meet his little brother for the very first time. He was not able to contain his emotions. He burst into tears and the first words that he said to him are sure to touch your heart. “You’re my best friend forever!” he exclaimed.

If you are able to get through that part of the video with dry eyes, we do not know what to tell you.

Photo: YouTube/Storyful Viral

As soon as we saw that, we had to grab the tissues right away. Fortunately for us, the boy’s aunt was on hand to record the video. We would not have been able to keep a steady hand for this one.

“No one was expecting his incredibly sweet and heart-melting reaction,” she shared, according to Storyful Viral. If that’s not the understatement of the year, we do not know what is.

Photo: YouTube/Storyful Viral

At least we know that he is not the type of child that gets jealous easily. He’s going to be the best big brother ever and we hope that we get plenty more follow-up videos from this family. They need to let us know exactly how these two end up getting along going forward.

According to Storyful Viral, Blum shared that the entire family started to sob once the little boy made his proclamation. There was not a dry eye in the house and rightfully so.

As any parent of multiple children can tell you, there are few things that provide them with more joy than seeing their little ones getting along like this. The last thing that any parent wants to deal with is a jealous baby.