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Every year, kids all around the world get a Christmas visit from Santa Claus. For most kids, the magic of Santa revolves around waking up Christmas morning to find a pile of presents under the tree from the man in the red suit, and that’s the extent of it.

No one has actually ever seen him. However, there was one clever two-year-old boy that seemed determined catch a glimpse of the man with the bag, and his mother got some rather hilarious photos as proof.

Photo: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadi

23-year-old Kierra Madison lives in Detroit, Michigan, with her two-year-old son, Jesse. One day, she was looking around the house for him, but couldn’t find the child anywhere.

As she started to panic, she heard something that gave her pause. There was a strange noise coming from the chimney. So, she went over to investigate and was met with quite a surprise.

Phot: Facebook/Kierra Madison

As she explained to the Daily Mail, she found Jesse inside the chimney! She said, “I was looking for Jesse all over and finally found him in the chimney.”

Confused as to what he would be doing in there, the mystery was quickly solved. It turned out, Jesse was just trying to locate Santa.

Phot: Facebook/Kierra Madison

While his quest turned out to yield nothing but a lot of soot, it did make for some adorable photos that his mom took and then later posted to Facebook.

What do you think of Jesse’s attempts to look for Santa? Have you ever done something similar as a kid? Have your own children ever tried to find a way to catch Santa? Let us know!