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From the time that many of us were young, we would go out from door to door at the end of October and ask for treats. We would also give a warning of tricks, although most of us never really followed through on it.

They were happy moments, but there were also some disappointments mixed within them. One of those is when there was a bowl set out, obviously for trick-or-treaters, but the bowl was empty.

Photo: flickr/Sean Freese

This happened in Idaho Falls when a young boy named Hayden Chapelle was out trick-or-treating last year. When he found the empty bowl, he could have been disappointed but he decided to do something awesome about it.

The bowl of candy was left by the Robertson family. They wanted trick-or-treaters to take candy when they came to their door but they were gone because they were with their daughter doing the same thing. A sign was left that read: “Do a trick and take a treat! And smile – you’re on camera”.

Photo: Facebook/Jesse Robertson

They were not necessarily using the camera to protect the candy, they just wanted to see what some of the kids would do once they learned they were on video. What they ended up seeing was a child coming up and taking all of the candy out of the bowl.

Within minutes, Hayden was there with his mother, Heather. The 11-year-old little boy was dressed up in his Stranger Things outfit and he noticed that the bowl didn’t have any candy in it. He did his own little trick of jumping and spinning and was walking away from the camera when something made him stop.

Photo: Facebook/Jesse Robertson

Hayden saw that there were other children coming to the house and he didn’t want them to be disappointed. He quickly went back and took some of the good candy out of his own bag and left them for the children. It included some skittles and a Snickers bar.

When they asked Hayden why he did it, he said that he didn’t think a camera was in place. He thought that it was made up so the children wouldn’t steal the candy.

Photo: Facebook/Jesse Robertson

His mother spoke with East Idaho News, saying “He’s pretty excited but it’s kind of shocking because it’s not really anything out of the ordinary for him.” She went on to say that he was just hoping the homeowners would see his trick.

Not only did the Robertson see what the little boy did, but they also shared it on social media so the world could appreciate it. It was a positive act that we all needed to see:


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