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I love spending time by water, as I love to hang out near lakes and rivers. But as much as I love spending time by the water’s edge, I’m not really one for boating.

It’s never really appealed to me. I’m more of a jump-in and go for a swim then sit back on the shore and dry off kind of gal. So I’m not quite sure how the whole boating thing works.

Photo: flickr/Logan Ingalls

But I’d imagine, unless you’re in a tiny rowboat, you can’t really just park your boat on the shore and hop out. I’d imagine you probably run the risk of getting your feet wet in between there.

But that all might change thanks to a pretty cool invention: a boat with robotic legs.

Essentially, it’s a boat that walks itself straight onto land. We can only imagine that would mean no more getting your feet wet.

Photo: YouTube/Hard Drive Marine

The company, Hard Drive Marine of Bellingham, Washington, was the one behind the rather cool invention, showing off in a series of videos just how it can walk itself ashore onto land from the water.

It can also do the reverse, and walk itself back into the water after having been on land. According to the company, this nifty feature can also provide assistance in unloading and loading up your boat – especially if the waters happen to be particularly rough that day.

Photo: YouTube/Hard Drive Marine

As the company states on their website, “Our unique line of vessels, designed as working service boats, eliminates the need for docking and ferrying on rugged, remote coastlines. …This design works for loading and unloading but stops the boat from running and performing well at any speed when water conditions are choppy or rough.”

Watch the “walking” boat in action below:

What do you think of this invention? Would you want one for your boat? Let us know!

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