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This is the sort of story that will have you wondering if you are getting the most out of your five senses. After all, the man that you are about to see only has four of his and the things that he is accomplishing are out of this world!

Chris Fisher is his name and he is one of the most talented woodturners that we have ever seen in our lives.

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

You won’t be able to believe your eyes when you see what this man is capable of. This accredited blind craftsman builds some of the most beautiful things that you will ever see. He does not need a sense of sight to do so, either. Chris relies heavily on the other four and this has served him well so far.

Fisher has not been without the gift of sight for long, either. In an interview with SWNS, Fisher explained that he tragically lost his ability to see at the age of 39, thanks to a bout with toxoplasmosis. This diagnosis changed his entire way of life and he turned to these types of woodworking projects as a way to work through the immense amount of anxiety that he was starting to feel.

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

He was working as an engineer before the diagnosis took place but now things are much different. He’s risen to prominence and is known as the best blind woodworker that the United Kingdom has to offer. This is one man who certainly knows how to make the best of a very bad situation.

“Chris Fisher, 52, is the UK’s only completely blind professional woodturner after taking up the hobby when he lost his sight 14 years ago. The former engineer was aged just 39 when he started to go blind over a period of four weeks due to a parasitic infection called toxoplasmosis,” the SWNS description reads. These simple words can hardly do him justice, though.

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

It is a video that you are going to have to see for yourself. We were spellbound by his craftsmanship and we are more than sure that you will be, too. Kudos to Chris for finding a way to channel his anxiety into something beautiful.

Check out the video below:

You can see more of Fisher’s work on Instagram, @blindwoodturner.

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