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What people were eating hundreds of years might seem strange to us these days, but some of history’s most notable figures ate what seemed normal to them. And, as some of the most distinguished people of their time, they had access to some of the more luxurious foods. Read on to find out what bizarre foods famous historical figures were into!

George Washington

The first president of the United States loved mushroom ketchup, which is more like a Worcestershire sauce with mushrooms as the base of the sauce. This condiment was very well-known to 18th century soldiers, which explains why Washington was so fond of it.

Via/ Wiki Commons

Benito Mussolini

The dictator loved raw garlic, favoring it in a salad with olive oil. Mussolini was reported to have despised French cuisine with a passion.

Via/ Wiki Library of Congress

Charles Darwin

The founder of evolution had a very specific taste for exotic meats, including armadillo, which he proclaimed to be one of the best dishes he’d ever had. Darwin sampled meat from the specimens he wrote about around the world. His obsession for unusual game was apparent even while he was in school, as he was a member of the Glutton Club, a group which met specifically to ingest exotic animals.

Via/ Wiki Commons

Gloria Swanson

The actress regularly consumed a macrobiotic broth made from vegetables and no salt. Swanson was an early health proponent and rarely allowed sugar, meat, or junk food into her diet.

Via/ Wiki Commons

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