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Kit Kat has one of the best candies on the marketplace, and they are developing all sorts of interesting new flavors. Whether it’s raspberry creme in honor of Valentine’s Day or the upcoming lemon crisp flavor, these new flavors are absolutely mouth-watering. The lemon crisp sounds perfect for an Easter basket.

Birthday Cake Kit Kats are not here yet, but we are patiently waiting. They are expected to make their way to store shelves within the next few months. junkfoodleaks_ is responsible for whipping everyone into a frenzy. They posted a picture of the packaging and the Internet went into overdrive. This Instagram account even provided a glimpse of what the candy would look like.

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🎂 O M G 🎂 So yeah, these are the real deal. Checking in on this gorgeous Thursday to present to you a brand new, limited edition flavor coming soon to a snack shelf at your local town. Kit Kat has returned to the table with an absolute BANGER. When I say banger, I mean it fully. These birthday cake Kit Kats, allegedly releasing early next year, are no joke. In fact, I might go ahead and say that stacked next to every flavor Kit Kat has, these are number two. I normally hate birthday cake iterations. I think 99/100 miss the mark. This, is that one that does not miss. The Kit Kats themselves are a bit harder, as milk chocolate and confection are different, but moving past that, you're delighted to impeccable crunch, and flashbacks to eating spoonfuls of funfetti cake frosting right out of the jar. I know some of you know what I'm talmbout. The funfetti pearls, the crunch, everything about this is an absolute slam dunk. For some, it might appear to be a bit too sweet — which I get. But if sweet is your thing, these will undoubtedly rise through the ranks on your favorites list as well. Do NOT miss them when they touch down. @stoolpresidente might tell me this is a rookie score; he and I are respectfully in our own lanes. This thing right here gets a SOLID, WELL deserved 🚨9.2/10🚨 2020 is looking good. 😛😛😛

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These Kit Kats are designed to look like the inside of a Funfetti concoction. If you know and love these cakes, you know exactly what we are talking about here. The white chocolate Kit Kats come with tiny sprinkles mixed in, and the flavor profile sounds tremendous.

White chocolate Kit Kats are not an entirely new concept, but this particular Birthday Cake version is. Junkfoodleaks was even given the chance to taste the new Kit Kats before they are released and their review will make you want them even more. They raved about the taste. Please don’t delay, Kit Kat. We need these in our life as soon as possible.

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The waiting is always the hardest part, isn’t it? The review says it all. Junkfoodleaks said that they are not usually a fan of these types of releases. Even if you are not someone who considers themselves a fan of birthday cake flavors, these Kit Kats are sure to hit the spot. They are an “absolute slam dunk,” according to this Instagram influencer.

Also, Food Network reached out to Hershey’s and received a confirmation on the release date. They are going to be here in April! Once these Kit Kats are released, they are only going to be available as a limited edition, so mark your calendar. Who’s excited to try one?

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