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Gaming is a lot of fun and it’s a great way for many of us to pass the time. It’s stress-free and hours fly by without us even knowing. When that happens, we tend to get pretty hungry, though. So how do we handle this problem? If you are a true gaming lover, you have probably been stuck in this quandary more times than you care to remember.

We know what it is like to be very hungry and yet not be able to pause your game. We feel your pain! That’s why we are here to offer you a better way.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

B’full is a company that is based out of Japan and they have devised a solution to this issue that is sure to help gaming lovers all over the globe. We took one look and we were absolutely spellbound.

The Gaming Chopsticks Holder, as it is known, is the definition of a game-changer (pun most definitely intended here)!

Photo: Amazon

The processes of gaming and snacking can be tough to juggle. Thanks to this solution, you no longer have to mess up your game. All of the grease and crumb-related problems are removed from the equation as well.

There are still plenty of options available, too. Whether you are the type to use a controller, mouse, or any sort of gaming device, B’full has got you covered here. It’s the same principle that you would use if you were eating with chopsticks, except for the part where they are dangling in reverse. You don’t grab them in the same way that you normally would.

Photo: Amazon

All you have to do is press your index and middle fingers together. If you are worried about the tips of the utensils touching the surfaces that are nearby, that has been taken care of as well. The holder functions in the same manner as a chopstick stand. It’s rare that we get to say that these people have thought of everything.

To learn more about this amazing item, all you need to do is head to Amazon or you can visit the official B’full website.

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