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Going camping is in style. There’s nothing quite like getting away from it all and getting back to nature at the same time. If you really want to enjoy the experience, you can haul a tiny camper along with you. Here are 8 small camper trailers that are ideal for your getaway.

1. Teardrop Trailer

Photo: Timberleaf

Timberleaf offers a teardrop trailer that is just perfect for camping under the stars. One of the features that you are sure to appreciate about this camper is the large skylight. Since it only weighs 1,200 pounds, you can easily tow it with a car. It features everything you need, including a cooking space for only $19,750.

2. Cricket Camper Trailer

Photo: Taxa Outdoors

Taxa Outdoors offers The Cricket as an ultralight camper that can be towed by a four-cylinder vehicle. It may be tiny but it has everything you need for your comfort, including a water heater and outdoor shower system. You can even add some optional features, including a window-mounted air conditioner or a top-loading fridge.

3. Casual Turtles Camper

Photo: Casual Turtle Campers

Although most small campers are mass-produced and have an aluminum or fiberglass shell, the Terrapin is breaking all of those rules. Each one is handmade and comes out of Fort Collins, Colorado. They are made with beetle kill pine or Western red Cedar.

4. Retro Camper

Photo: Dub Box USA

Just when you thought camping couldn’t get any cuter, the Dinky Dub travel trailer by Dub Box USA comes along. It only weighs 1000 pounds and is a vintage-looking RV, perfect for anybody who wants more than a standard teardrop camper. It has a queen-size sleeping area, lots of storage, and an expanding kitchen. Optional items include an awning over the hatchback and a portable water tank. All of this for only $13,000.

5. Happier Camper

Photo: Happier Camper

Happier Camper is about to make you happy again with camping. This retro-modern caravan is small enough for even a four-cylinder car to tow. It isn’t just for camping, it’s for glamping. It even has a sink with potable water storage and can sleep up to five adults. You will pay a base price of $18,950 for this beauty.

6. Aluminum Teardrop Trailer

Photo: High Camp Trailers

High Camp Trailers is about to make your camping dreams come true with this retro-camper. It comes out of Portland, Oregon, and has a compact kitchen in the back along with the sleeping cabin out front. It has plenty of amenities to keep you happy for a base price of $16,350.

7. Homegrown Trailers

Photo: Homegrown Trailers

All of the features you would expect in a tiny house are available in the Timberline by Homegrown Trailers. It’s great for camping but you can even use it as a guest house in the backyard or as a granny pod. Plenty of layouts and additional add-ons are available, including a shower and toilet, mini-fridge, and 20 gallon freshwater tank. All of this for a base price of $39,995.

8. Bike Camper

Photo: Wide Path Camper

Wide Path Camper is offering the perfect addition to your electric bicycle. You don’t even need a car to pull this tiny trailer, yet it offers you the shelter you need when you are on a long ride. It sleeps two adults, all for the price of only $4290.

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