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Drinking games are a timeless classic, aren’t they? We have loved them ever since we were in college. Whether you are a flip cup aficionado or you are more of a quarters fan, drinking games of some kind probably bring you a lot of happy (and maybe reminiscent) thoughts. Beer pong might be the top dog of them all, though. It takes us back to the good old days of spending $5 for a cup at the fraternity houses.

Now, you can relive your glory days in your backyard with this awesome drinking game. Wayfair is here to light up your summer with Beer Pong Golf! Your ability to putt while tipsy is going to be put to the test. There is even a chipping mat and ten different slots to fit your Solo cups. While these sets also come with six golf balls, you are going to have to provide your own golf club.

Photo: Wayfair

The rules of the game are very easy to understand. If your opponent sinks a putt into one of your cups, you are going to have to drink, and vice versa. Once you have had the chance to play this game, you are not going to want to go back to the old style of beer pong. Meanwhile, some parents may decide to play this game with their children. Not to worry, though. The beer is always optional.

Golf lovers enjoy this game because it gives them the chance to work on their chipping and putting. If you’re not in the mood to drink, you can always have some buddies over for some friendly competition. Whether you are seeking a fun way to knock back a few cold ones or you seek a more family-friendly activity, Wayfair has got you covered.

Photo: Wayfair

As you may have expected, the positive reviews have already begun to roll in. “My whole family loves this game,” wrote one happy customer.

Beer Pong Golf is available for only $99.99. These sets typically retail for $135, so you will want to jump on this deal while you still can.

When it’s time to get the party started, engage in some friendly competition, or enjoy some family-friendly backyard fun, Beer Pong Golf is here to keep the fun flowing.

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