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First, it was the adorable mermaid succulent, and now this! Bear paw succulents are the latest craze and they make the perfect addition to any indoor succulent garden.

First of all, they look just like fuzzy, green bear paws. Whenever we look at them, we feel all warm and cozy. The official name is Cotyledon Tomentosa, but “bear paw succulents” has much more of a ring to it, doesn’t it? The plants are low growers, but they can also reach up to 30 centimeters in height.

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More importantly, the bear paw succulents also grow bell-shaped flowers in the springtime that turn orange. If you are going to be keeping the plant indoors, they need to be placed in a window. The window should be facing a brighter area where the plant is able to receive up to six hours of sunlight directly each day.

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Cotyledon tomentosa “Bear’s Paws”. Can a plant be an equivalent of a cute floofy animal? YES. So happy to have acquired this cute plant yesterday! 💚 • • • #bearspawsucculent #cotyledontomentosa #cotyledon #bearpawsucculent #bearpaw #igplants #igsucculents #plantsofinstagram #succulentsofinstagram #succulents

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If you’d like to water your bear paw succulents properly, you only need to add water when the soil is totally dry. Those who are looking to add the succulents to their outdoor gardens, you’ll want to make sure that the plants do not receive too much direct sunlight. Is the soil also well-drained? If not, the succulents may suffer from overwatering once the rainfall arrives.

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The chubby one ❤️

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These plants can be found at any number of retailers, both online and in-person, including Etsy, Amazon, Succulent Box, and local garden shops (give yours a ring to find out if they carry them!).

Are you going to be adding these to your garden?

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