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The Italian pasta company, Barilla, may be based in Parma, but their pasta is made and sold around the globe. For many Italians overcooking your pasta is a sin and each pasta has it’s own cook time for a perfect al dente texture. Recently Barilla introduced a novel way to time your pasta cooking by adding pasta-specific playlists to Spotify. This enables you to cook your pasta and enjoy some tunes at the same time.

pastas on white background
Via: Karolina Kołodziejczak/Unsplash

Each pasta has its own playlist and its own theme. There’s “Mixtape Spaghetti” at 9 min which features Jay-Z, Gio Evan, and Tommaso Paradiso. There is also a “Top Hits Spaghetti” with songs by Shawn Mendez and other modern pop artists. “Timeless Emotion Fusilli” features The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Cat Stevens and comes in at 11 minutes.

spaghetti in pot of water
Via: Christine Sandu/Unsplash

Then there’s “Moody Day Linguine” at 10 minutes with singer-songwirter, Sufjan Stevens, and a host of Italian artists. Most of the songs are in Italian, as are the timer announcements that your pasta is done. They end with hearty “buon appetito!”

You can see all the playlists by searching for Barilla Italia on Spotify or by visiting the company’s profile here.

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