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Mattel’s newest collection is here and they have taken very special steps towards making sure that these dolls are as eco-friendly as possible.

The toy giant has rolled out the Barbie Loves The Ocean collection, which happens to be the first of its kind.

Photo: YouTube/Mattel

It’s the first collection that the toy company has ever made that uses nothing but ocean recycled plastic.

As a company that is responsible for some of the most iconic toys of all time, it is great to see them making a small effort to reduce their plastic waste.

The company has established a very simple objective and we hope that they are able to achieve it. If successful, they are going to be using 100 percent recycled, recyclable, or bio-based plastic material across all of their products and packaging by the time 2030 rolls around. This is all part of their efforts to ramp up their long-term sustainability and we support them all the way.

Photo: YouTube/Mattel

Their efforts are being kicked off with dolls that have been made from over 90 percent recycled plastic.

The new collection has three different dolls whose bodies have been made from 90 percent recycled ocean-bound plastic parts. The Beach Shack playset and accessories that come with the dolls have also been primarily made from the same plastic.


Before consumers start to wonder if they are going to be paying the price for these changes, do not fret. The dolls can be had from anywhere from $9.99 to $19.99. Mattel is launching these products as the lead-off to their new campaign, The Future of Pink Is Green. They are looking to educate children about the ongoing importance of establishing a more sustainable ecosystem.

Photo: YouTube/Mattel

Kids are also sure to enjoy the newest video that Mattel has dropped on its YouTube. Barbie’s popular series, which is called Barbie Shares How We Can All Protect the Planet, provides short animated clips that teach young fans about the importance of going green.

These videos are designed to teach kids about all of the simple steps that they can take in their own homes to help make the world a greener place.

It’s nice to see a large company doing something to lessen its impact on the environment.