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You don’t need to do much guessing to discover that people have an absolute love of bacon. It seems as if some creativity is on board with a new recipe: banana-peel bacon.

Claire Lower is a popular food writer who talked about how to make this delicacy in her column, Eating Trash with Claire. Typically, she will turn any type of kitchen disposal trash into something edible, and this time, banana peels were the focus of her attention. The secret? Fry your banana peels in bacon grease!

On her first attempt, it wasn’t exactly what she was hoping for. Frying the banana peels did make them edible and the rubbery texture was gone, but there was still a bitter aftertaste. After doctoring the peels with some kitchen magic, the bacon flavor came through.

Amazingly, bacon grease is not used in the final product. Different types of vegan fat, such as grapeseed oil were used. After cleaning and cutting the peels and frying them in the fat, a glaze of spiced, sweet, salty soy sauce was applied.

This is the point at which you put the banana bacon in the oven to crisp it.

Although this isn’t exactly an exact replica of bacon, it can add some punch to a sandwich or be used on a salad.

Thought I'd give banana peel 'bacon' a go. Didn't really taste like bacon but was surprisingly decent.

Posted by Scott Pilkington on Tuesday, November 3, 2020

People seem to love the bacon as well, and there are plenty of those who are willing to try it, and perhaps even try it a second time.

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