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Baking soda is pretty magical stuff and it can be used in a wide range of ways. While we have been utilizing baking soda in our homes for a long time now, we had no idea that it could be used in such an intriguing way.

We were today years old when we learned about this one. If you have ever wondered how people are able to cook such tender and juicy meat, we are here to blow your mind.

Photo: Pexels/Kaboompics .com

Spoiler alert: Baking soda can be used on meat. Yes, baking soda is commonly associated with a number of different cooking methods but we had no idea that it could be used to tenderize our meat. If you have yet to use baking soda in this manner, this is your chance to take your first step into a much bigger, brighter world.

There are no shortage of dishes that can benefit from the use of baking soda. Whether you are cooking salmon, pork chops, chicken breasts or steak, you can enjoy an array of advantages.

Photo: Pexels/Isaac Taylor

We cannot take full credit for this hack, though. Shelia Cline is the one who was responsible for passing this one along in a viral Facebook post.

The process is simpler than you might realize. According to the post, you start by washing the meat, of course. From there, give each side a light baking soda sprinkle. The box can be poked with a fork once you’re ready to to shake some out. Others may decide to use a shaker instead. The meat should sit with the baking soda for 10 minutes. Don’t exceed this amount of time.

Photo: Facebook/Shelia Wiedower Cline

Rinse the meat off, pat the meat dry with some paper towels and cook/season it in the same way that you typically would.

What does this do for the meat? Apparently, the pH level is increased on the meat’s surface, which allows for a higher level of alkaline as well. Proteins are broken down more easily, so that the fibers are tenderized. Acidity is neutralized and the meat retains far more moisture than it would have otherwise.

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