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The downstairs apartment didn’t have a kitchen so I, thinking I was going to be a bachelor forever, decided I only needed an outdoor kitchen. I ordered a gas grill, a sink, some metal framed bases, and a small refrigerator online. Then..I started dating Lindsey and all this bachelor pad outdoor kitchen stuff showed up. Well, she decided she wanted to help! We started assembling the metal cabinet frames and installed the hardy-backer. We had a professional plumber and electrician come out to the house to help them run the gas lines and electric.

After the bases were complete and the items were installed, we laid all of the tile in a herring-bone pattern. We used a product called Z Counterforms and poured a concrete countertop. We installed a huge stainless steel farmhouse sink. The bar top was created with a large 8 ft dried Redwood slab that was hand-carved and wrapped around the preexisting posts.

L- You know how you figure out if you’re compatible with somebody? Build an insane outdoor kitchen with them. And then somehow convince them afterward that they really actually need to build an indoor kitchen….