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Life provides us with many pleasures, but it is the simple ones that mean the most to us. Whether you are the type of person who enjoys a beautiful sunset or you find peace and tranquility out on the water, there are certain joys that money just can’t buy. That’s why there are so many people who love to spend time working in their gardens.

It’s one of the most calming activities that a person can enjoy. Some try to grow delicious veggies and others would rather tend to their lawns. There are all sorts of pros and cons that come with this activity, though. We get to feel more productive because we are working with our hands and seeing the fruit of our labor. Sadly, there is a wide range of bugs and animals who do not want to see us shine.

These unseen haters usually find their way into our gardens under the cover of night. We have tried all kinds of solutions in the past but they do not always take. That’s what makes this hack such a fun one. Did you know that baby powder can actually fix all of the problems that are taking place in your garden right now?

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رقم 4 Baby powder كمان أسرارها كتير وتستعمليها فى اكتر من حاجة حطيها على رموشك قبل الماسكرا وشوفى هتكون تقيلة وطويلة ازاى لو شعرك دهنى استعملى شوية باودر على فروة الشعر وسرحيه هتلاقى الباودر شربت كل الدهون وشعرك شكله فريش تانى حطيها بعد ما تخلصى مكياج على وجهك بتدى إضائة وتثبت المكياج اكتر قبل إزالة الشعر بالمكنة أو الشمع حطيها على جسمك هتقلل الألم بنسبة كبيرة جدا 😉 #babypowderuses #beautytips #advice #instabeauty #instamakeup #beauty

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It’s true. Baby powder might seem silly to use in this context, but ants, beetles, and rabbits cannot stand it. Since rabbits don’t like the taste of baby powder, you can sprinkle some by the garden to keep them at bay. Ants are a bit more adventurous. Place some baby powder around the garden and the home’s foundation to keep them out. And beetles are deterred when the powder is sprinkled on the plant leaves directly.

Indoor bulbs can be treated with baby powder to prevent root rot as well. Place the bulbs in a Ziploc bag with some powder and shake it up for the best results. Baby powder is great for eliminating shoe-related odors, too. Those who are looking to eliminate the friction on their hands when using tools are also going to benefit immensely from the use of baby powder.

Please don’t hoard all of these amazing tips for yourself. Be sure to share them with your friends and loved ones as soon as possible. The gardeners in your life are sure to appreciate this one. We love this hack because it keeps the ants out of our kitchen, that is for sure. Let us know more about how well this hack works for you!

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