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When people have babies it’s not uncommon to sing to them. Most babies seem to enjoy being sung to by their parents or other family.

According to my mom, I used to knock out as soon as she’d start singing “You Are My Sunshine” to me in my crib. But apparently, not all babies seem to enjoy the sound of their mom singing to them, as one mom, Bonolo Softie Maloka, shared in a video to TikTok.

Photo: TikTok/@bonolosoftiemalok

Like many other moms, Maloka sings to her little baby son. However, she started to notice that whenever she would start to sing him a song, he would start to break down in tears.

Finding it strange and funny, she decided to take a video and then post it to TikTok. She even asked for other people’s opinions when she captioned it, “Guys why?”

Photo: TikTok/@bonolosoftiemalok

And why indeed!

In the video, she starts to sing the chorus portion of “I Will Always Love You,” by Whitney Houston, when her son immediately starts to cry. It’s like as soon as she gets the first note out, his little face is already scrunching up into sadness.

Photo: TikTok/@bonolosoftiemalok

One of the comments even pointed out, “He even took his hat off.”

Watch the adorably hilarious video down below:


Guys why?😭😭 #motherhood #babykgotso

♬ original sound – Bonolo Softie Maloka

What do you think of this little baby’s reaction to his mommy’s singing voice? Has your kid ever done something similar? Let us know!