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When it comes to cooking, pasta is one of the easiest dishes to make. It takes almost no effort at all. All you have to do is take some noodles, toss them in a bot of boiling water, and the rest essentially takes care of itself. The process of cooking pasta is often done with a splash of olive oil and a little extra salt.

But, did you know that adding oil can actually cause issues with the finished product?

Once it comes time to pour the pasta and water into a strainer, the oil tends to stick to the pasta. Unfortunately, the pasta sauce that you are going to want to add is not going to. As soon as you try to add the sauce to the dish, it is going to slide right back off without offering you a moment’s notice. Obviously, this is less than ideal.

Photo: Pixabay

Of course, this is the part where people are going to wonder what they can do to keep the pasta from sticking in the pot. The answer is simple: make sure to stir it up on a regular basis. This will prevent the pasta from having a chance to stick. Those who truly want the sauce to stick to their pasta are advised to add some water to the sauce. A ladle’s worth should do the trick.

Who would’ve guessed!

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