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When we think of Arby’s, there aren’t too many things that come to mind. We don’t spend much time there, to be honest. The “Arby’s: We have the meats!” tagline is pretty good, though. And one thing is for sure: they aren’t lying when they say that they have the meats. You can get so many different types of sandwiches there, it’s ridiculous.

Beef n’ cheddar, Angus steak, brisket, corned beef, bacon, turkey, chicken, ham, it’s all there! Of course, we would never neglect to mention the classic roast beef. Okay, maybe we do know a little bit more about Arby’s than we let on. Moving right along, let’s get to the real fun part. We eat the food, it comes in a paper bag and then we throw that bag away.

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Be about it.

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The best part is over after that, right? As we have recently learned, this is actually not the case at all. TikTok users have made a discovery and they are sharing it with the world. The Arby’s paper takeout bag wasn’t something that we had spent very much time thinking about, but we are glad that others felt differently.

Austin Bennett actually took the time to read the bottom of the bag. If you take a similar look, you will find a message that reads “25 lb. Mod Bag 1-5 Items.” Austin saw this and asked himself an obvious question: “Could this bag successfully hold 25 pounds?” This doesn’t seem like a logical thing to us now that we are stopping to think about it.


@arbys why are your bags so strong


How could a paper takeout bag possibly hold that much weight without ripping in two? That’s when Austin got a buddy. They put a 20-pound weight inside of the bag and expected it to rip in half. Their TikTok video of the experiment is a hilarious one. They were just as shocked as we were when the bag was able to hold on! We expected to watch a disaster unfold.

Austin’s caption asked Arby’s why their bags were this strong. Their response was priceless: “Because WE HAVE THE MEATS.” It makes perfect sense to us. This is a hack that you are definitely going to have to try out on your own. Now, if you’ll excuse us, this is the perfect chance (or excuse) to chow down on some of that classic roast beef.