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Many of the objects that we use on a regular basis have hidden features. While they aren’t supposed to be hidden or secret, many people are unaware of their full potential. Did you know that plastic pen caps come with holes so that you can remain safe if you happened to swallow one by accident? It’s particularly designed with kids in mind. Ladles come with holes that allow you to measure out a single serving of pasta, though most people are totally oblivious to that fact!

You may have suspected that there is a hidden feature to your aluminum foil as well. After all, one side of the foil is matte and the other side is shiny. There’s actually a reason as to why this is and Reynolds Kitchens is here to provide answers.

Photo: Pixabay/Flitsart

According to Reynolds, this is a common question that they receive on a regular basis. The reason happens to be a simple one: the foil is milled in layers. If these layers were not brought into contact with each other during the production process, the foil would break. One side becomes shiny because that is the side that is not coming into contact with any other sheets of metal.

So which side of the foil do we need to be using? We know that this is the answer you have come for. Reynolds is here to make life easier by offering an important clarification. Both sides of the foil are equally effective. You get to decide which side of the foil should be facing outwards and the choice is always going to be a matter of personal taste.

Photo: Flickr/topquark22

You really do learn something every single day, don’t you? We had no idea that there was a legitimate reason for this contrast in appearance. When it comes time to solve all of the great mysteries that life keeps presenting to us, we have got you covered. We’d like to send a big “thank you” to the good folks at Reynolds Kitchens for providing us with these insights.

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