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Most of us are used to seeing babies with bibs at dinner time. As we get older, there may be times when we need bibs as well. The problem is, it tends to rob a person of their dignity when they need to get dressed up to eat a meal at home or out at a restaurant.

If you have someone in your life that needs to wear a bib, then there is an adult solution that might be the most practical thing we have seen all year. If an adult were to wear a baby bib in public, they would be ridiculed, but thanks to Etsy shop FabricGreetings, there is a solution that can really help. It’s a button-up bib that you wear and it looks like a shirt.

Photo: Etsy/FabricGreetings

In order to get the full flavor of what these bibs have to offer, you can consider the name. They are calling them the “dignity bib” because anyone who wears it can protect their clothing without giving up their dignity in the process.

There’s another benefit that you should consider in wearing the dignity bib as well. It protects more than the front of the individual, it also protects their lap. This is more than something that keeps their clothes from getting messy, it can keep hot foods from becoming a problem if they are dropped.

The bib is sold as a pattern, so you can assemble it from a button-up shirt. If you are good at sewing, making this is going to be a breeze. On the other hand, you really just need to follow the instructions and benefit from what they have to offer! Even beginners could put it together.

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