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Herb Oedel loves to ski. Perhaps you also have a passion for getting out on the slopes, but you would have a difficult time one-upping Herb.

After all, he is 97 years old, and he has been skiing for 90 years. It was just recently, however, that he had his picture taken with his wife, Ginny, and decided to hang up his ski boots for good.

Photo: Pexels/PhotoMIX Company

Although he loves skiing and it has always been one of his favorite activities, he decided it was time to stop. When he paused for the picture with his 100-year-old wife, it was a memory he won’t forget.

After the picture was taken, the ski area posted the picture on social media.

Photo: Facebook/Bradford Ski Area

They captioned it: “Herb Oedel age 97 has been skiing 90 years and after his run today at Bradford has decided to retire his skis.”

They spoke about how he stops by with his wife every year and they thanked him for being a part of their ski slopes.

Photo: Pixabay/NoName_13

It’s hard to believe that Herb was only seven years old when he first started going out on the ski slopes.

According to the Boston Globe, it was love at first sight, and even though he is still mentally and physically very strong, he decided it was time to pack it in.