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When this Reddit user stumbled into a 1990s relic, they knew that they needed to share it with the rest of us. We are certainly glad that we did because it is one of the coolest things that we have ever seen.

Okay, we might be exaggerating a bit but it is still really, really cool. We love to see untouched slices of the ’90s like this and we are sure that you will, too.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This Target cafe has not been altered since the 1990s and now the internet wants to know why they cannot bring back these locations. After all, if this one is so beloved, why do we need to have anything else?

They should have simply kept things this way. u/galaxy-m81 shared the post and he’s gotten a lot of love for doing this.. “This Target cafe hasn’t changed since the 90s,” the post is titled.

This Target cafe hasn’t changed since the 90s from mildlyinteresting

There are tons of comments as well, as over 2,000 people have seen fit to remark on this one.

As you would have expected, this discovery has led to a great deal of yearning, as people look to return to the days of old. In the words of Andy Bernard from The Office, we wish there was a way of knowing you’re in the good old days as they are happening.

The photo seemingly sparked others to share their old findings too. One user shared a photo of a Regency Square Mall and how unchanged it looks.

Regency Square Mall (Jacksonville, FL) 9/8/22 from AbandonedRetail

Other person shared a photo of how Taco Bell used to look in the ’90s and it brings back a lot of memories!

🌮 from 90s

“They need to bring fun back to places. Everything turned so ugly and corporate. I miss old looking Taco Bell,” someone commented.

Most places like this do not have any personality of their own to speak of. They rely on the same tired color schemes and wonder why people long for the aesthetic appeal of bygone decades. We just hope that this post serves as an inspiration to all of these companies.

It is time to start doing things a bit differently if we do say so ourselves. We are sure that many of our readers agree with this assessment.

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