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It’s no secret that a good diet and exercise are key to living a long and healthy life.

I never really used to pay much attention to that advice when I was younger. But as I have gotten older, I have come to realize that there is so much truth to eating well and exercising.

Photo: YouTube/TheXuism

I find that I feel better when I go to the gym and eat my veggies. Granted, I’m not so strict with myself in that I don’t enjoy my food, but I’m definitely a lot more disciplined and conscientious about what goes into my body and how much, and I feel like it shows.

But, I think it’s safe to say that no one looks as young and vibrant as 70-year-old Yang Xinming. He doesn’t look a day over 30 something – and it’s all thanks to his daily regimen.

Photo: YouTube/TheXuism

According to TheXuism, Yang shared that he’s been weightlifting every single day for the past 34 years. It has kept him young looking.

But it’s not just the exercise he does that he credits with his youthful look. He also says that it’s all about maintaining his sense of self-discipline and persistence.

Photo: YouTube/TheXuism

According to the outlet, Yang stated, “To maintain my health and body status at my age could only be the accumulation of year by year’s daily workout.”

Check out the video down below:

What do you think of Yang’s workout routine? Do you work out frequently? What do you think is the secret to looking young? Let us know!

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