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After being stricken with a limp and considerable pain in his foot, Daniel had to have the foot amputated. He died in 1911 from blood poisoning (gangrene) related to the injury and subsequent amputation.

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Dying of Laughter

Around 230 B.C. the ancient Greek philosopher, Chrysippus of Soli, is said to have perished while in a fit of laughter. Prolonged and intense laughter could lead to a lack of air or even a heart attack. But, another story goes that he had been drinking quite a bit beforehand.

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Let it be known that the joke in question was reported to have been his own. What was it you ask? He suggested that a nearby donkey, eating figs off a tree, have some of his wine to wash down the figs.

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Killed by an Eagle

The ancient Greek playwright, Aeschylus, is said to have died in the 5th century B.C. from an eagle dropping a turtle from above to break its shell, the eagle mistaking Aeschylus’ bald head for a rock. The story is further mystifying when one takes into account the “prophecy” that led him to camp out of doors to avoid being killed by a falling object.

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