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Rainbow And Galaxy Foods

Here’s another trend we can thank Instagram for. More and more, culture values appearance over substance (read as much into that as you want). With food, that means decedance with rainbow and galaxy everything. However, with so much food coloring and artificial ingredients, these products don’t always taste great. You gotta admit, even if it isn’t your thing, it definitely looks cool!

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Cheese Tea

You read that right. Cheese. Tea. No, it isn’t tea made by steeping cheese, like the name might suggest. It’s iced tea topped with whipped cheese. Not that that really makes it much better. It sounds disgusting, but a ton of people swear by it. We just wonder who first came up with this odd combination!

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Deep-Fried Everything

Discovering that we could pretty much deep-fry anything and everything set the trend for the 21st century. Aside from your classic onion rings, fries, and chicken, some noteable strange things that people fry include: soda, beer, oreos, pizza, cookie dough, and even beer!

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