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Get Room Temp Eggs By Running Them Under Warm Water

In Europe and most other parts of you world, you always get eggs at room temperature. However, here in America, our eggs are always refrigerated. This is due to the different process Americans take to washing the eggs, which leaves the outer shell thinner and more vulnerable. Therefore, the eggs need to be kept in the refrigerator. Once eggs are put in the refrigerator, they must remain in that chilled state until you use them. In any case, a lot of recipes call for room temperature eggs. If you didn’t get your eggs in a foreign country, you’ll need to set them out on the counter to warm up a bit, right? Not with this trick! Simply put your eggs in a bowl and run warm water over them. Make sure not to have the water too warm so as not to accidentally cook the eggs.

Line Measuring Cup With Plastic Wrap For Sticky Ingredients

We’ve all been there – the recipe calls for honey or corn syrup or something equally as sticky and difficult to get an exact measurement of. This trick is a total game changer! Simply line your measuring cup with Saran wrap and pour the sticky ingredient right in. Then, make a little pouch with the Saran wrap and hold it over your bowl. Poke the side with a knife or some scissors and squeeze the ingredient into the bowl. Not only does this save you from scraping out the measuring cup and cleaning up the sticky mess, but it gives you a more accurate measurement since you won’t have all that excess sticking to the bottom of your measuring cup!

Microwave Peanut Butter For Easier Measuring

If you’ve ever had to measure out peanut butter for a recipe, you know what a frustrating experience it can be! From trying to scrape out the peanut butter from the jar to scraping it out of the measuring cup, the whole process is a practice in patience. But, as we’ve always said, patience is overrated. Instead, put the peanut butter in the microwave for 30 seconds and measure it out like a liquid!

Watch the video below for more details on each of these kitchen tricks!

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