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Music is something that seems to be built into us. It is seen when we are very young and will begin to move to the music, even before we can stand on our own feet.

Of course, not everybody has music in their blood to the point where they can share it with others but sometimes, talent shows up in unusual ways.

Photo: Instagram/gavriil_scherbenko_

That is the case with Gavriil Scherbenko, a 17-month-old baby from Russia. Recently, his parents started an Instagram page so the world could see what their little baby could do.

The parents said on Instagram that they feel the music is born from him and it is more than something that makes them happy. It is a gift they need to share.

Photo: Instagram/gavriil_scherbenko_

They also thanked those who came forward with warm and kind comments, as well as the greetings they received from around the world.

When you listen to this youngster playing the piano, you can really tell he is feeling the music. It may not be a familiar song, but it is music, nonetheless.

Photo: Instagram/gavriil_scherbenko_

Many people who heard him playing are calling him an old soul. Others are saying he could be the next Mozart.

It’s difficult to say where his talent will take him, but it’s obvious he is ahead of the curve when it comes to musical abilities. This will be an interesting space to watch. You can hear his music on Instagram here.