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The USDA issued a recall for over 10,000 pounds of pork-based products on October 14th, 2021. The actual product is a pork pellet produced by the Evans Food Group. The pellets are used for snacks like pork rinds and chicharrones. These pellets came into the US back in September 2021, but they were mistakenly not subject to a thorough inspection before being distributed.


Thankfully, there haven’t been any reports of adverse effects or illnesses, but authorities are still concerned. These products are likely already in many pantries and homes throughout the US, so it’s vital to check the labels if you think you might have any of these products!


Dozens of pork-based snack items are thought to include the uninspected pork pellets. The list of affected products includes Mac’s brand, Turkey Creek Snacks, Cazo de Oro, Pamana, and also pork rind products with 7-11 branding. See the full list here.


If you have any of these products in your cupboards, throw them out immediately or return them to the store you purchased them at. If you have questions about the pork recall, the FSIS advises you to call Arturo Gutierrez, the Vice President of Research and Development at Evans Food Group Ltd. at 1-800-543-7113. Also, if you have specific questions about food safety, you can call the USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline at 1-888-674-6854.

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