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Owning a home is a wonderful thing – and a huge responsibility! At any given moment there are probably at least a dozen little things that need to get fixed around the house. From the toilet that won’t stop running to a hole in the wall, and everything in between. Sometimes making ends meet while paying off the mortgage is hard enough, let alone paying a professional to come in a work on these projects. The good news is, a lot of minor home repairs are easy to do yourself! So grab a friend and get to repairing your home this weekend with this easy list of tips and tricks from the pros!

10. Repair A Hole In The Wall

We’ve all probably gotten a hole in a wall, one way or another. Whether you decided to “toss” a textbook onto the bed only to miss and have it crash into the wall, or your husband got a great idea to move a massive bookshelf to the other room without any help and it inevitably ended up crashing into the wall, or… any other way people get holes in walls, the fact is that the hole is there, and it’s ugly. In this easy to follow tutorial from The DIY Playbook, we learn how simple it is to repair a hole in the wall. You’ll just need a few basic supplies: mesh tape, razor blade, spackle, paint and primer, and a sanding block. The process is pretty simple – a couple layers of mesh tape, followed by spackle and sanding the area down. Then, paint away, and you’re good to go!
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