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13 Decorating Trends From The Good Old Days We Wish Would Come Back

Home fashions come and go, but there are quite a few that we wish would come back with full force. Whether you remember these familiar sights from childhood or maybe you have an eye for things from the past, it’s easy to have a soft spot for these classic decorating trends.

1) Geometric China Patterns

Growing up, mom had quite the collection of china. There was the wedding set she received as a gift that was reserved for special occasions (and displayed safely and proudly in the china cabinet), and then there was a fun set that had alternating triangles and squares that were a tad more colorful. Those were often used for dinner parties. For those who wanted something more modern than a flower designs, the vintage geometric china patterns still look so fun and fresh.

2) Art Deco Wallpaper

Too often these days we settle for white walls, or painted walls with an unassuming color. If you’re a baby boomer, there’s no doubt you remember growing up with at least one room that had interesting and unique wallpaper! Granted, not every wall paper design looked great (in fact some of them can look quite dated), but there’s something to be said about a how a room with a quirky design and some fun complementary colors on the wall can change your mood! Specifically, we miss the beautiful Art Deco wallpaper you used to see in some rooms. The bright colors and geometric patterns were exciting without being too garish.

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