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This brunette may have been out for a simple cup of coffee but it was not long before the interaction went in an unexpected direction.

This is a hilarious Starbucks fail and we cannot stop laughing. She pulled up to the window and thought that the barista was going to be all for this idea. Michigan content creator Kristen Alk soon got a very rude awakening.

Photo: TikTok/@kristenalk

“Hi, can I just order a ‘surprise me’ drink?” she asked in a video. Her request did not come out of thin air. It is part of one of the latest viral trends.

The #SurpriseMeStarbucks trend encourages people to stop by their local coffee chains to see how adventurous the barista is willing to be. The hashtag has gotten over one million views, so clearly there are some baristas that are ready to play along.

Photo: TikTok/@kristenalk

It’s not the typical ask but lots of people have managed to get their hands on some new and interesting drinks in the process. That’s what makes this video such a funny one. The barista is clearly not going for this and we can understand why. “A what?” the barista said, as they were not about to play the game with Kristen.

This is where we would have been totally mortified and started backpedaling. “Yeah, I can get you an ice water … That sounds good!” the barista continued. As for Kristen, she is not about to be swayed and she is hoping that the barista is ready to comply. She had to admit in a follow-up video that she was shook by the reply but at least she persisted.

Photo: TikTok/@kristenalk

“No, actually, can you just make me something that sounds good?” she replied, not realizing what she was setting herself up for.

At this time, they agreed to help but there was no enthusiasm in their voice. Kristen claimed that she was left waiting for 35 minutes in the drive thru and when it was all said done, she had an iced coffee to show for it.


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“I wasn’t gonna post this video … I feel like it was a little bit rude,” she said. “I do understand that it might be annoying when people don’t just say what they want to order. But it’s fine. I just don’t think the barista passed the vibes check,” she said.

Where do you land on this one? Are you on Kristen’s side or the barista’s?