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This TikTok user has freaked out thousands and it is time that you saw why. She found a haunted toy that moves around, seemingly all by itself.

From the looks of it, she knew that no one was going to believe her and that’s why she decided that she needed to share a video. Holly Armstrong posted the clip of an evil-looking doll and the internet is losing their minds.

Photo: TikTok/@hollyarmstrong20

The fact that the doll acts so much like Chucky is not the best sign in the world. If we were here, we would be getting rid of that doll before too long. The video has gotten over a million likes, as the online world continues to revel in her discomfort. We are right there with them, to be honest.

If this doll was in our house, it would not be long before there was some sort of accident that removed it from the establishment. The doll’s face cannot be seen in the video but its legs seem to be moving independently. Near as we can tell, the doll is impatiently tapping its feet and waiting for its moment to strike.

Photo: TikTok/@hollyarmstrong20

Armstrong recognizes the risk factors here and that’s what makes us laugh. Her text overlay shows that she is ready to flee.

“5 seconds before [she] jetted out of [the] house and threw a match behind [her],” her text overlay reads. No, she did not set the house on fire but we can fully understand where she is coming from here.

Photo: TikTok/@hollyarmstrong20

If we were here, we would have left the house to the doll. It’s your house now, buddy!

All jokes aside, this is how horror movies start. You take the doll and throw it off a high cliff, only to return home and find it waiting for you. Let’s hope that’s not the case for Holly!


And for that reason… I’m out✌🏼 #haunted #ghosts #spooky #wtf #foryoupage #fyp #prayforme

♬ original sound – Holly Armstrong

Are you as terrified as we are?

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