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When this couple decided that they were going to go on a “breakup weekend getaway,” they got a lot of follow-up questions. This is not something that we have ever heard of, that is for sure.

@tovahparpar shared the adventure on TikTok and as you would expect, it was very polarizing. The couple had decided that they were going to break up but they wanted to go out on a high note.

Photo: TikTok/@tovahparpar

That’s why they took a trip together and spent a weekend cuddling. This trip was their way of processing the situation. Some people thought it was a good idea and others were flabbergasted. If we had to choose, we are definitely in the second group. Breakups should be final and they need to be a clean break.

Otherwise, what is the point? To us, it seems like they are just trying to leave the door open for a potential reunion.

Photo: Unsplash/Alejandra Quiroz

“Me and my boyfriend are breaking up in 2 weeks. We went on a beautiful breakup weekend getaway. We cuddled in this spot for 4 hours reminiscing. We talked about all of our fears, our plans for healing, and what we hope for our future. It was heartbreaking and healing all at once,” the woman wrote in the video.

“It won’t hurt this bad forever, right?” she wrote in the caption.


It won’t hurt this bad forever, right? 💔#heartbroken #breakup #love #healing

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In a previous video, she shared that they were supposed to move in together when she got a job in a new city.

Life is really unfair sometimes. We wish that everyone could find the true love that they deserve but unfortunately, things are not always that simple.

Photo: TikTok/@tovahparpar

Curveballs come our way and we have to navigate them as best we can. “We did this, the mature ending, even got a few coffee /lunch meetings to check mental health. No trauma or emotional scars, I wish this to everyone,” shared one viewer.

This makes a lot of sense the more we think about it. There is no law that says every breakup has to be terrible.


Simultaneously falling more in love with him each day and grieving our relationship at the same time 🥺💔 #breakup #heartbroken #love

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In fact, we hope that some viewers take this as their cue to make their next break-up as lovely as possible. Let’s all do our best to be good to each other. Life does not have to be so rough, after all.