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Zaxby’s is one of our favorite chicken spots and we are more than sure that our readers agree with this assessment.

There’s just something about them that we will never get tired of. Summer may be over for most of us but not for the good folks at Zaxby’s. They have debuted a new line of popsicles and they have been dubbed “Saucesicles.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

These popsicles, which were created in collaboration with Frios, come in two unique flavors that you may or may not expect.

These are not the frozen treats that you are accustomed to. According to 11Alive, the Zax Sauce popsicle has a creamy, tangy, sweet flavor. We would probably choose these if we had to select between the two varieties. Keep that between us for now, okay?

The Zax Sauce popsicles are also intriguing because of the secret spice mix. Black pepper and Worcestershire sauce are also figure prominently. The Tongue Torch is the truly terrifying popsicle and we are scared just thinking about it.

There are also tomatoes, garlic, paprika, turmeric, and lime in these popsicles, according to the news outlet. While these are not common ingredients for popsicles, we are still intrigued by them anyway. Those who wish to learn more about these new treats are more than welcome to visit the company’s website. They are clearly psyched to bring us these popsicles and it is easy to see why.

There is nothing like them in the current marketplace. “Zaxby’s sauce is going where no sauce has gone before: the freezer. Why? Because we figured if you’ll lick every last drop of that legendary sauce off your fingers, you’ll probably lick every last drip of sauce off a popsicle,” the website shares. Can you believe that these treats are being offered up for free as well? All you need to do is head to the website.

You will be able to get some of your own for as long as supplies last. We must warn you, though, it is first come, first serve. As soon as all of the popsicles have been taken, you are going to be fresh out of luck.

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