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Nothing unites a group of people faster or better than sharing a good meal. Food is a universal language that brings us all together. If you love food and cooking then learning about what people ate in the old days can be a lot of fun. From foods we’d probably not be all that fond of today to the history behind many of our very favorite meals, our culinary past holds a lot to discover. That’s why we created a new video series that uses history, old recipes, and accounts from the past to piece together a better picture of what people ate throughout the ages.

woman cooking chicken, 1941
Via/ Library of Congress

Every month we’ll explore the history of food and what it means to us today in a new series called “Yesterday’s Leftovers”. Learn about why we eat certain foods, how meals differed between the upper classes and the working classes, and what kinds of food our ancestors enjoyed most.

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Watch the first installment of “Yesterday’s Leftovers” below to find out which foods became popular during the Great Depression, a time of hardship that still influences what we eat to this day.

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