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Women enjoy traveling just as much as men but sometimes, it can be difficult to be a solo woman traveler. Perhaps one of the biggest issues that they face when on the road is finding a location that feels comfortable and safe.

There are many opportunities today for women to travel that weren’t available just a few years ago. These include women-only tour groups, city guides, adventure packages, and even private islands. They have gained in popularity and for good reason because many women enjoy taking solo trips.

In Mallorca, Spain, there is now a beautiful hotel that is only open for women and female guests over 14 according to Insider.

Photo: Som Dona Hotel

A hotel near Porto Cristo Spain, the Som Dona Hotel, is now the first hotel in the country to exclusively cater to women. You can see it in the design of the hotel, including the common areas by the pool, the beautiful rooms, the rooftop and the different amenities, including wellness packages, fitness centers, and spas. Insider even reports that there is a very chic bar area as well.

Photo: Som Dona Hotel
Photo: Som Dona Hotel

There are 39 rooms at the hotel and a strict policy of ‘no men allowed’. In other words, you can’t sneak any men into the hotel at night. What might surprise you is that men are hired as part of the hotel employees so that discrimination laws are not violated in the country.

Some of the options that are available for your stay include a double room, the same double room with a pool view or the Splendit double room. There are some additional perks included in the Splendit double room, including a larger sleeping space, robes, aromatherapy, and a minibar.

Insider reports that women of all sexual orientations are welcome. Solo travelers will find it to be a very welcome location as well as couples, mothers, and daughters or larger groups. If you have been looking for that perfect girl getaway, this is just what you need.

With all of the beauty and amenities available, you will love knowing that the rates are not ridiculously high. You will pay between $80 and $176 for a room and that includes breakfast. All of these services will also be at your disposal as well as many local points of interest.

You can see more or book your trip on the Som Dona Hotel website.

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