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Women have the reputation of being detectives when it comes to picking up on subtle cues that a man is cheating, and Megan, who goes by the TikTok username @callhermeganmarie, is the perfect example of that.

She allegedly caught her boyfriend cheating on her by noticing a small clue in the photo he sent her.

Photo: Unsplash/Becca Tapert

The two had planned to hang out but he texted her that he was “watching the Olympics with the boys.” Along with the message, he sent a photo – something he may later regret.

Once Megan zoomed in on the photo, she discovered the truth: He wasn’t hanging out with the boys at all, but with another girl!

Photo: TikTok/callhermeganmarie

What cued her into the truth? In the photo, she could see the legs of a girl curled up on the couch next to her boyfriend.

Beyond that, she also noticed a wine glass on the table and some telling signs that it was a girl’s apartment, like a book titled, “Chanel.”

Photo: TikTok/callhermeganmarie
Photo: TikTok/callhermeganmarie

While you’d think that’d be enough to turn a gal off to dating, Megan explained in a follow-up video that she’s actually still seeing this guy! According to her, the two had met on a dating app and were texting for days about hanging out. When they finally made plans, that’s when he sent the text that he couldn’t hang out because he was watching the Olympics with “the boys.”

Apparently, Megan was able to laugh about the situation and give him another chance.

Watch the video below:


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