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If we had to guess, we would have to assume that everyone has dreamed of building their own small cabin. Of course, there are some who find themselves wondering if they can possibly afford all of the costs that are associated with such an expenditure.

Well, Alla Ponomareva has decided to embark on the process and she is providing us with an awesome guide to use in the future. As it turns out, this process does not have to be nearly as expensive as you would think.

She was able to construct a very small and simple A-frame cabin that takes up all of 80 square feet. Best of all, the total cost was only $700!

She documented her building on her blog and shared the whole process from start to finish. Beyond being cheap, it was also a really quick project! It only took Alla three weeks to finish the cabin. The final result is beyond breathtaking.

Photo: Facebook / Alla Ponomareva

We cannot think of a better place to spend time in Montana. This is one of the most gorgeous woodland settings that we have ever come across, personally. This structure is not the least bit cramped either, as there are all sorts of amenities.

Photo: YouTube /
Kirsten Dirksen
Photo: YouTube / Kirsten Dirksen

There is an entire wall that allows Alla to take in plenty of sunlight so that she never feels too cooped up. You are probably going to notice the presence of the solar panel. Yes, this was included in the aforementioned cost, so no worries there.

The porch offers some nice touches as well. At first, the deck was going to be thrown away by her sister-in-law, but Alla thought better of it and saved the materials.

One of the coolest parts is that one of the walls actually opens up! It’s one of the coolest houses that we have ever seen, tiny home or not. She’s created a seamless flow to her living space and she did not have to spend big to do it.

Photo: YouTube / Kirsten Dirksen
Photo: YouTube / Kirsten Dirksen

What do you think of her tiny home? Do you feel inspired to build your own? Let us know!

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