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One wine connoisseur’s dream is about to come true thanks to this exclusive bottle of wine finally being listed at auction.

The Pétrus 2000 is unlike any other wine in the world, being aged for over a year in space. The auction house, Christie’s, shared photos of the bottle on its social media pages and it looks incredible.

Photo: Instagram/christiesinc

This bottle is so highly sought, it’s expected to sell for roughly $1 million at the auction.

According to BBC, the wine is made with Merlot grapes from the Bordeaux region and spent 14 months in orbit.

Photo: Instagram/christiesinc

In November of 2019, the International Space Station sent twelve bottles into space and they made their return trip to Earth in January of 2021.

The bottles traveled over 185 million miles and spent over 400 days floating through space. According to BBC, the University of Bordeaux’s wine institute tested the wine to see if there were any major differences that could be noted. Pétrus 2000 was chosen to be auctioned because of how well it aged. One of the lucky few who were able to taste the space-aged wine reported that it was “definitely different” than Earth-age4d wine, noting that “The aromatics were more floral and more smoky.”

Photo: Instagram/christiesinc

A typical vintage Pétrus 2000 bottle that has been aged on planet Earth costs around $6,000.

The bottle that will be auctioned off is the only one from the batch that is going to be hitting the market. Three of the dozen bottles were opened for the tasting. The other eight bottles are going to be held so that further research and testing can take place.

Photo: Instagram/christiesinc

The lucky winner of the auction bottle will also receive a specialized case to store the bottle, along with an Earth-aged bottle so they can directly compare the two. The auction will be held through Christie’s private sales.

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