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Kat Kamalani is a flight attendant who recently went viral on TikTok for exposing the truth about beverages on airplanes.

In her video, she revealed the disgusting reason you should never order coffee, tea, or any other water-based beverage that’s not from a can or bottle.

Image by Tom von Strong from Pixabay

She said, “Rule number one: Never consume any liquid that is not in a can or bottle.” Her reasoning behind her warning is one based in hyginge.

“The water tanks are never cleaned and they are disgusting,” she shared. If you are someone who orders coffee and/or tea when you are flying, Kat is advising you to steer clear.

Photo: Unsplash

She says that she and her fellow flight attendants never drink coffee or tea from the plane because the water is so gross.

In fact, she shared that unless the water tanks break, they are not cleaned. At all.

Photo: TikTok / katkamalani

Beyond her warning, she also had advice for parents traveling who need warm water for their baby’s bottle. She suggested asking for a cup of hot water and a bottle of water. Fill the bottle with the bottled water and set the whole bottle in the cup of hot water to heat that. That way, your baby isn’t drinking the gross airplane water, but their bottle is still warm.


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A Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center study says that passengers should also be avoiding the sinks when it comes time to wash their hands. This water is sourced from the same tank, so it’s best to use hand sanitizer.

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