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If you’ve ever been to a Red Lobster restaurant, you realize that they have some delicious biscuits. In fact, some people love going to that seafood restaurant because the biscuits are so popular.

There is something interesting that you will find about the biscuits, however, and you have probably experienced this for yourself. When a basket of biscuits is delivered to the table, it can never be distributed evenly to all of the diners.

Photo: flickr/Clotee Pridgen Allochuku

This may seem unusual, but it gets even stranger when you find out that Delish reports that it is an official policy of the restaurant to do so.

The secret came out in a Reddit that was posted in 2016 by an anonymous Red Lobster employee. Somebody asked why the baskets always had an odd number of biscuits, and the server replied: “We bring one biscuit for every person at the table, plus an additional biscuit for the table. Corporate policy.”

Photo: flickr/Michael Lehet

In other words, you’re not going crazy when you think that it’s some type of conspiracy theory. It is actually happening and is happening for an unusual reason.

That reason came to light when somebody from a competing restaurant also commented on the thread. They said that Olive Garden, which is also owned by the same company that operates Red Lobster, has the same rule for breadsticks.

Photo: flickr/Bev Sykes

In their estimation, the extra breadstick in the basket is meant to fuel conversation among those sitting at the table.

At any rate, the next time you get your biscuits at Red Lobster or your breadsticks at Olive Garden, you will know why things don’t quite add up as expected.

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