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Music is one of the best parts about shopping at the grocery store and we can’t begin to tell you how many times we have heard songs that we love over the Muzak systems out there. However, if you have ever shopped at the economy chain known as ALDI, you have probably noticed that they are not playing any tunes.

They pride themselves on removing all of the frills so that you can enjoy the most efficient shopping experience. Name brand items are not offered and you won’t find the elaborate displays that are commonplace at other stores. As it turns out, their refusal to play music is also a part of this equation. These stores are merely looking to keep their bottom line low, which is how ALDI is able to keep the groceries so cheap!

They do not waste their valuable resources on things that do not make the shopping experience any better. John Stranger, the vice president group account supervisor of Evans, Hardy + Young, explained the matter during a recent interview with Reader’s Digest.

Image by Pinacol from Pixabay

If ALDI started to play music at their grocery stores, they would be subjected to costs that the average shopper does not take the time to consider. When you hear a song from a favorite artist while you are walking around a grocery store, it is because that store was willing to fork over the licensing payment. In most instances, retail outlets partner with music services that exist as a helpful third party.

Music is a key aspect of retail psychology. Studies show that soothing music can be encouraging, keeping the shoppers in the store for a longer period of time. ALDI does not need to rely on these types of gimmicks. Their low, low prices do all of the heavy lifting for them. This is one of the many seemingly minor details that is weighed by the higher-ups at ALDI.

They make their decisions in a very meticulous manner and the ensuing savings are passed down to the customer. There is a method to the madness! It is paying off handsomely for the chain, too. Did you know that they take in roughly $80 million in revenue each year? Their tactics have allowed them to become the third-largest grocery store chain in all of America. Kroger and (of course) Wal-Mart are the only stores that have them beat.

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