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This is Gidget. We didn’t want another dog. After all, we’ve already been chosen by several outdoor cats, who we’ve had fixed, and who we love and take care of. We also have one indoor kitty, two rescued Guinea pigs, and a chocolate lab (her first family offered her to us when they had to move and couldn’t keep her).

It is, however, “winter” in south Texas, and Gidget found our back porch door on a night that dipped to about 30 degrees F. You see, people dump their unwanted animals on our road all the time, like trash. It breaks my heart every time I see a new dog or cat, skin and bones, just looking for a bite to eat.

<a href="https://unsplash.com/photos/cndmcZ_pQYM"

When I saw this poor girl, skinny, cowering, and frightened on my back porch, I knew she had chosen us. I reached out to pet her, and she flinched. I knew then that whoever had dumped her had also abused her.

Still, when I told her that we do not hurt animals at this house, she seemed to understand. She wanted to be loved. Whatever hell she had endured, she still wanted to trust. This adorable girl’s spirit had not been broken. I rubbed her ears, she put her chin on my knee and leaned in, and I fell in love. I fed her and made her a shelter for the night.

Now, nearly a month later, Gidget is spayed, well-fed, and loved completely. My poor husband has accepted that Gidget is here to stay, and our three girls love that now we have two dogs. I love playing with her, taking her on walks, and spending quality time with her and our other dog on the floor. I’m so glad Gidget found us!

San Antonio, TX

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Originally posted by The Animal Rescue Site.

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