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OnlyFans is a content subscription service that is regularly in the news for one reason or another. We love to see all of the celebrity collaborations that take place on OF, but now our favorite restaurants are throwing themselves into the mix.

The platform may be known for its visuals that are a bit more explicit, but what about those of us who are looking for something a bit more family-friendly? White Castle is here to help, offering up two of their soon-to-be-famous stuffing recipes to the rest of the world. For those who do not know, the Original Slider Stuffing recipe has been in existence for 30 years now.

Photo: flickr/thotfulspot

Back in 1991, one employee concocted the recipe by dumping a bag of sliders into his grandma’s stuffing recipe. They never could have expected what would happen next.

Now, holiday revelers will have the chance to enjoy a brand new recipe that is known as the Bacon Jalapeño Cheese Slider Stuffing. Those who visit the OF account will have the chance to learn more.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This stuffing contains jalapeño peppers, bacon, cumin, cilantro, and shredded pepper jack cheese. Meanwhile, there are those who are really looking to turn up the heat. That’s where the Southwest Jalapeño Cheese Slider Stuffing comes into play. It’s the same recipe as the bacon stuffing but with extra jalapeños and poblano peppers added to the equation.

“The holiday season is about to get a whole lot hotter because these recipes really pack the heat,” said White Castle vice president Jamie Richardson, according to Mashed.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Select retailers and White Castle locations offer up the Original and Jalapeño Cheese Sliders. On the other hand, those who want the Southwest Jalapeño Cheese Slider Stuffing recipe will need to head to the White Castle page as soon as possible.

This is a genius idea if you ask us. The idea of companies using a platform that is more well known for its saucier content is now getting a much-needed infusion of family-friendly content.

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