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Candy corn is a hilarious topic to us because at least once a year, we have to watch people get into very passionate debates about a rather benign treat. The people who do not like candy corn feel like they have to make their voices heard and this leads to some rather hilarious debates on social media. In our humble opinion, candy corn has a shocking number of people who live to hate on it.

If you stop to think about it, candy corn is just sugar that you can chew on. What is the problem there? Even those who are not fans have to respect this candy’s longevity. It has been an integral part of every Halloween that we can possibly remember and while we are not going to date ourselves completely, trust and believe that we have seen a few!

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That brings us to the point of why we are all gathered here. We want to know which states are responsible for keeping Big Candy Corn up and running. For some, this may be a good thing, others may decide that they want to write a stern letter to their Congressional representatives. It’s all good either way!

For starters, anyone who wants to point the finger is more than welcome to take things up with the good people of California. According to a press release, Brach’s Candy Corny is purchased in this state more than any other. They love Classic Candy Corn and the Autumn Mix there equally. Of course, the smart people are going to note that this state is one of the most populous in the country.

Photo: Candy Corn

In fact, this is a theory that is supported when you stop to take a look at the next three states in the rankings. New York, Florida, and Texas are next up. These are the four most populous states in the country at the moment. Before you go ahead and call this whole map a lie, we are here to tell you that the rankings do not sync up with the nation’s population rates.

Michigan, the 10th most populous state in the country, is rounding out the top five. Iowa and Kansas are at #11 and #12, respectively, despite the fact that they only rank in the thirties according to population. States that aren’t a fan of the candy include Alabama, Hawaii, Nebraska, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

This map is sure to provide a lot of laughs and fuel the candy corn debates even further. We support it! Check it out:

Photo: PRNewswire/BRACH’S
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